Tumble Time offers over 70 different classes each week! Whether it is improving competitive gymnastics skills, learning fun ninja moves, or even learning how to walk, we've got a class for everyone! 


Toddlers LOVE Tumble Time! Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa get to join in all of the excitement too. Our 45 min classes are a great opportunity to spend fun, quality time with your toddler. Climbing, rolling, swinging, jumping, and much more make these classes funtastic for everyone!


We specialize in teaching children ages 1 (walking) -6 yrs old. This is a very important time in a child’s life. Studies have shown that most learning occurs between the ages of 0-6. We have a very unique and successful program for your youngster. Our classes are packed full of fun exercises and age appropriate activities.


Ages: 3-5

Tuition: $185/term

The Tumble Time Gymagination program is an immersive preschool/gymnastics blend where kids can learn both shapes, colors, letters & numbers as well as basic gymnastics skills.

Beginning Gymnastics.png

Beginning gymnastics classes start at 6yrs old. These classes are great fun and promote coordination and self-esteem. The students learn skills by progression. In each level the children receive a skill chart to monitor their progress. Once the student has mastered all of the skills required for a particular level, he or she can advance to the next level.

Tumbling Classes.png

Our trampoline & tumbling classes are great for ages 6 - 16. This class consists of beginning to advanced trampoline and tumbling skills. If you are interested in cheerleading, tumbling is a must. We offer multiple levels of tumbling, the highest consisting of skills such as layouts, and twisting.

Ninja Classes.png

Theses superhero-like classes were designed to teach young boys some basic, fun gymnastics/parkour skills. Who knows, maybe one day they'll break a bad fall and save you thousands of dollars in medical bills! 


We offer weekly classes just for homeschool kids. These classes are offered for kids 3 and up. The classes are full of gymnastics, and other physical fitness games that are a lot of fun and physically challenging for the kids.


TUESDAY & FRIDAY 11:30am-12:30pm

Ages 5 & under

$7 drop-in

2nd & 4thSATURDAY 11:30am-1pm

Ages 6+ 

$10 drop-in or makeup