Gymnastics helps children to develop athletic skills that will help them succeed.

  • Confidence

  • Courage

  • Self-Esteem

  • Balance

  • Poise

  • Athleticism

As a coach of youth sports and a former athlete, I cannot stress the important of early childhood development through athletics. I have seen kids and young men develop confidence and courage to take on the challenges of the world, but I also have seen kids with little or no athletic abilities fall by the wayside, because they didn’t have the fundamental skills necessary to compete.
”Children who participate in gymnastics have increased self-esteem, coordination, balance and poise. Gymnastics cannot only be fun, but educational. Whether you enroll your child in a gymnastic school like Tumble Time or another program, as long as they are exposed to gymnastics they will have fun. Let’s look at how gymnastics can help your child to grow. A child’s self esteem is enhanced with gymnastics. At Tumble Time, children are placed by age and skill level in a classroom setting.
”Accomplishing the different positions of gymnastics creates a sense of self worth for the child. Being able to achieve a challenge is a very satisfying event for a young child. And gymnastics is not just for girls. Boys are becoming more active in gymnastics. I have two sons; one is 3 and the other one is. They both participate in a gymnastics program to help them develop the fundamental skills that will not only help them transition to other sports, but develop the social skills that are necessary to follow orders, and rules of society. The two teachers Ms. Ronalee and Ms. Cheyenne work wonders with the kids at Tumble Time. They are patient and supportive of each and every effort. They take the time to focus on the unique gifts that each child brings to the session. They design and implement a safe course for the young children to explore, learn and enjoy!
”Grace and poise are two other physical benefits of gymnastics, in addition to providing an intense and fun form of exercise. A child in gymnastics class learns different positions and steps, which utilize all parts of their bodies. They are educated on proper posture, head and body alignment and moving with their entire body to create a flow of movement. Gymnastic techniques have been used to train professional athletes including football and basketball players to help them develop faster moves on the playing field and allow them to move without injuring their bodies.
”There is also a great deal of discipline involved with gymnastics. For the youngest gymnastics is less rigid, but as you progress with years of experience, the discipline becomes stricter. The discipline will involve positioning, practicing, learning practicing, and respecting practicing. The longer a child is involved with gymnastics, the more respect for others and themselves they will have.
Not every child who is involved with gymnastics when they are young will go on to become a professional athlete, or even continue in gymnastics into their middle and high school years. But the majority who has done gymnastics at some point in their lives will tell of the fun and the discipline.

-Xavier Williams





I LLLOOOVVEEE Tumble Time I've been there for about four to five years and I have never wanted to leave, all the coaches are amazing💜

— Miranda


Wonderful staff and great facilities with a steadfast focus on child development on each level of training (physical, mental, emotional, etc...)

— Andrew


Our children have been going here for at least 6 years and they love it! The owners are amazing and their instructors are great!

— Tristan



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